Where are you going and why?

I’m very lucky to be a part of Vistage (a worldwide CEO/Leadership Development Association and Group)

We meet once a month for a whole day, listen to great speakers, solve problems, and learn how to better lead ourselves and our business’s. In today’s meeting we shared what is called a STUMP SPEECH from the book Fierce Conversations.

Ask yourself the questions…..
Where an I going?
Why am I going there?
Who am I going with?
How will I get there?
And one I added….
What will I do when I get there?

I did one last year and it is amazing to see how much more direction and focus I have but one year later. Try it, here is mine.

Fierce Conversations
“Come Out from Behind Yourself…”
Part II

Member Name Ryan Moor

Where am I going?

In the next 10 years help create a billion dollar enterprise in the garment decoration industry that serves it’s team and it’s customers better than anyone else and contributes to their growth and success.

Why am I going there?

I am going there because it’s exciting, because it’s fulfilling, because I feel that I can have the most impact and create the most value for those I help, those I’m with, and me.

Who is going with me?

My family and those who dream, those who work hard, those who are passionate about helping others, those who want to become better.

How will I get there?

We will get there by always focusing on always becoming better, by developing myself, our leaders, our team, and our customers. We will be productively paranoid, creatively innovative, and never never ever give up. We will create process, expectations, and hold accountable ourselves and our team. We will not compromise our values, we will be true, serve, work hard and smart, always learn and improve, and constantly seek the positive.

What will I do when I get there?

I’ll be a family man, I’ll love my wife more than ever, be there with my kids as they grow up, travel, sleep, and take a deep breath and look at the values, recipe, and system work together successfully without me. And then I will see what’s next, and in the end, I wish to look back from silver years and know I lived a good life.