Vistage and Making 2012 Goals

For about two years I’ve been a member of Vistage, a leadership development group. In Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” he mentions one of the keys to success is a peer group he refers to as a mastermind alliance, this is what Vistage does for me. It has helped me grow tremendously as a leader! My favorite parts of the experience have been being a part of a group with other CEO’s that push you and hold you accountable in a way that no one else does, we also have great speakers almost every month and a process that is called Issue Resolution where the group helps you solve major issues, its been a great experience! 

In the session today we heard Jim Bandrowski speak on strategic planning, I’ll post more on this later. We also reviewed our goals for next year! We use a form for balanced goals! It’s a proven fact that writing your goals down, reviewing them, and picking a partner who can hold you accountable to them will drastically increase the speed of which you reach them! 

Start planning your goals for this year by using this Balanced Goals and find an accountability partner who can hold you accountable to chasing them! 

Good luck!